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Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair is a well-known Chevron gas station in Fremont, WA. We serve countless vehicle owners with our gas station and auto repair services in the region and beyond. You can count on our Fremont Chevron gas station technicians to recommend you the ideal auto solutions based on your distinctive needs.

The kind of fuel you regularly use for your vehicle significantly impacts various aspects, such as drivability, performance, longevity, and more. Also, it would be best to visit a trusted Fremont Chevron gas station for refueling. You can make a trip to our Fremont Chevron gas station to get the finest quality fuel for your car or truck.

We offer a range of services at our Chevron gas station, including:

  • Auto repairs
  • Auto refueling
  • Auto maintenance
  • Auto inspection

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Fremont Gas Station


Our Fremont gas station is a constituent of a vast network of stations reputed for delivering industry-leading solutions at an affordable cost. Also, our Fremont gas station technicians have undergone extensive training to develop the knowledge and experience to offer our customers reliable, customer-focused services.

We comprehensively focus on enhancing the quality of the fuel and the additional offering at our Fremont gas station to bring the benefits of the latest advancements in the industry to our clients. You can rely on a trusted Fremont gas station like ours to always meet your expectations on any project that you entrust to us.

We are the preferred gas station for fulfilling several needs, such as:

  • Gas refueling
  • Car oil change
  • Car and truck repairs
  • Automotive services

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Fremont Gas Stations


If you have been looking for dependable Fremont gas stations, you have arrived at the right place. We have emerged as one of the leading Fremont gas stations by consistently helping our customers achieve higher fuel efficiency and better performance for their vehicles through our top-grade fuel.

Being one of the full-service Fremont gas stations, we provide all-inclusive automotive services to cater to various needs, such as tires, brakes, transmission, and more.

Our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, irrespective of the scope or scale of your requirement, sets us apart from all the other Fremont gas stations in the vicinity.

We can address numerous inquiries related to gas stations, including:

  • Gas station near me
  • Service station near me
  • Refueling near me
  • Chevron near me

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