Wire Sawing Experts Servicing Seattle

In every new construction or remodeling project in Seattle, concrete sawing has to be done to make space for stairways, doors, windows, pipe trenches, ducts and vents, etc. You will all agree that concrete is one of the strongest and most durable and reliable construction materials that is favored by contractors and property owners, alike. This very strength of concrete also makes it a hard thing to cut through.

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling uses the innovative technique of wire sawing to saw away the toughest and thickest of concrete with ease. The diamond edged wire saws offer quick and precise cutting even where the conventional tools fail or when the space is confined.

Concrete Cutting for Your Construction Project in Seattle

Does your construction project in Seattle require cutting through thick concrete? We can help you. We have a large team of concrete cutting experts and provide them with the latest cutting equipment so that they can create the openings you need.

We do not want your project to be slowed down because of concrete obstructions. We maintain self-contained service trucks and a large crew who respond promptly to every customer’s call. We ensure smooth communication and perfect coordination in all our work to make sure that your job gets completed fast and on time. Even as we focus on speedy services, we take care not on compromise on quality. All our jobs are done in compliance with the local building and fire codes.

Expert Concrete Sawing Services in Seattle

Concrete structures may have plumbing or electrical lines running through them. When you need to cut through them, be sure to get the services of a concrete sawing company with the proper knowledge and experience.

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling is the expert everyone in Seattle should really on. We have been serving the region with professional, high precision and affordable concrete cutting services. We use highly advanced technologies such as wire sawing and radar imaging to make sure that our customers’ cutting requirements are fulfilled to their complete satisfaction. Through our concrete penetrating radar service, we detect the metallic and non-metallic objects lying within the concrete to be cut. This helps our technicians know exactly what they have to cut through so as to avoid damaging the crucial gas, water, electrical and sewer lines.


Rely on our wire sawing experts to cut your concrete to the shape and size you need. Call (206) 701-9898.

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