Services by the Best Masonry Company in Seattle

If you are a Seattle resident who needs masonry work done, there is a lot you can expect from a good masonry company.

The Best Masonry Company in Seattle

At Warfield Masonry, we offer stone, block, paver, glass block, and brick masonry work for commercial and home building buildings. We have a team with the experience, training, artistry and equipment necessary to ensure that you have a strong, durable, insulated, water-protected, and aesthetically pleasing commercial building or home.

Comprehensive Masonry and Allied Service

We offer comprehensive service – our team does everything from design, building, and general contract work. When it comes to residential masonry, we design and build walks & chimneys, patios, gate posts, interior accents, and fireplaces. We build banks, schools, and other commercial buildings using energy efficient (high R value) and top-of-the-line masonry work.

We will come up with the necessary CAD (Computer Aided Design) and engineering drawings since technical specifications and CAD drawings are necessary when seeking a permit. Our team will partner with you to ensure that the engineering and the permitting process goes on smoothly. If your building’s structure has been weakened as a result of an earthquake or as a result of any other reason, our team will do masonry repair and restoration. We offer such masonry services as tuckpointing, block, stone, or brick replacement, and rebuilding of structures.

Waterproofing and Cleaning Services for a Stronger and more Aesthetically Pleasing Building

We do masonry waterproofing to protect your stones and bricks from water damage given that they are naturally porous. We use a water-based or silicone-based protective sealant for this. If you want a chimney installed or you have an old chimney that needs repairs, our team is up to the task. We also do chimney damper installation (which keeps cold air out when you are not using the fireplace).

The Warfield Masonry team also does masonry power cleaning in building that have been covered in grime and soot after years of use. We use PROSOCO brand cleaners which have concentrated acidic compounds for the cleaning. Other masonry services we offer are fireplace repair and construction, Firebox Installation, custom masonry post building (such as mailboxes and fence, gate, deck, gazebo, and interior posts), and mortar set walkway and patio building.

We are licensed by the relevant Seattle regulatory bodies. Visit for licensing information.


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