What to Expect from a Good Metal Recycling Company

Go for a scrap metal recycling company that offers a variety of services to get value for money.

Services from the Best Metal Recycling Company

Commercial Metal Recycling recycles ferrous metals (iron-based metals) such as steel from where we recover the iron as well as recoverable non-ferrous scrap metals such as aluminum, lead, copper, tin, zinc, and nickel. We accept scrap metal in any condition and in any size, including car wrecks and used cars. Our team will pick up your scrap metal if you do not have the capacity to take it to our recycling facility (such as if it is too heavy).

Prudent Use of Recycled Scrap Metal

We issue a destruction certificate which is your proof that the scrap metal you have brought to us has been successfully destroyed. We supply the recycled scrap metal to the relevant state authorities for the making of garbage cans, street signs, and other products and to the manufacturers of such items as brass cans, aluminum wires, and several more. Our recycling experts will take you through the recycling process if you need reassurance on how ‘green’ the process is.

Advantages of Scrap Metal Recycling

  • You should recycle your scrap metal because this is an opportunity for you to make good money on something you do not need.
  • Scrap metal recycling helps you do your part in protecting the environment. Scrap metal mostly ends up in landfills, which leads to the pollution of underground water supplies.
  • You will be reducing your carbon footprint with scrap metal recycling since this means a lot less mining of natural resources (which is usually energy intensive and which usually leads to the emission of high quantities of greenhouse gases).
  • By bringing your scrap metal that is lying in your yard to us, you will be ensuring that your yard is usable and is not an eye sore. Recycling also helps you clear space in your garage and basement, space that can be used for other uses.
  • You save money when you recycle your scrap metal since it means you do not have to spend money on storage.

Visit http://www.epa.gov for these and other advantages of recycling scrap metals and for the codes that recyclers of scrap metal have to abide by. 


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