Services to Expect from the Best Seattle Plumbing Company

Avoid the temptations of DIY plumbing – go for a plumbing company that offers comprehensive services.

The Best Seattle Plumbing Company

Capitol Hill Plumbing has been around for over 100 years, the main reason for our longevity in the business being our exceptional services. We offer plumbing services to residential and commercial clients from all over Seattle.

Services by the Best Seattle Plumbing Company

One of our plumbing services is the installation of Navien tank-less water heaters which are known for their energy efficiency. Our team also replaces old plumbing fixtures and heating systems with new ones and installing new plumbing fixtures and heating systems.

We repair and install gas furnaces, heat pumps, A/Cs, and electric furnaces. Another of our plumbing services is re-piping which involves the removal of the whole piping network and replacing it with a new one for greater efficiency. We offer emergency service since we understand that some plumbing problems such as water leaks simply cannot wait. We specialize in condos, apartment buildings, and older homes where plumbing is more complicated.

Our team offers sewer service where we replace and install new sewer lines. We do drain repair and drain cleaning whenever your drains are clogged. One of the major causes of drain problems is rooting. We offer rooter service where remove roots from the lines, repair the lines, and take measures to ensure you do not have further rooting problems.

Advantages of Hiring aCapitol Hill Plumbing Plumber of DIY Plumbing

  • You should avoid the temptation of DIY plumbing because a Capitol Hill Plumbing plumber will have the necessary equipment for the job (such as inspection cameras to detect root growth in your drain line). You might save money on the labor only to spend it in buying the equipment needed for the job.
  • You should go for a professional plumber because he/she will have the training and experience necessary to do a good job. There is a risk of the exacerbation of the problem if you do the repairs yourself.
  • Do not attempt to fix fixtures yourself because even the slightest alteration will void the warranty.
  • Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind.
  • A Capitol Hill Plumbing plumber will clean up after the job.
  • Hiring a plumber gives you unparalleled experience so that the plumbing does not interfere with your job/business or your social life.
  • A pro will understand such issues as permits, codes, and rules (visit for more information on these).
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