Welding Experts Serving Tacoma

welding-tacomaA craft that is more than a century old, welding is required for diverse jobs in Tacoma, WA. Fabricating balcony rails or repairing them; fabricating or repairing industrial equipment, stairs and fire escapes; architectural restorations; fixing broken truck axles – there are endless projects that may need welding services in Tacoma.

The important thing is that the expertise of welder and quality of welding services has a major impact on the success of all such projects. If the welds are not done properly and fail, it often leads to weakening and failure of the entire structure.

People who want to be sure of seamless and secure welding in Tacoma can be so by hiring the expert welder at Foothills Truck and Trailer. We offer comprehensive welding services in Tacoma, with our welder capable of meeting any welding needs in:

  • Homes
  • Industrial or commercial facilities
  • Commercial trucks & trailers

Services of Trained and Experienced Welder in Tacoma

Welding can be quite dangerous. It commonly involves the use of an open flame and so, carries the risk of serious burn injuries to the welder if he/she is not a trained professional and is not properly equipped for the job. The excessive brightness and UV light during the process can also harm the eyes of welder.

That is why we never put any novice welder on Tacoma jobs. We ensure safe and incident-free welds by offering the services of a well-trained and highly experience welder to Tacoma residents. No matter how simple or complex the welding job handled by our welder in Tacoma, the expert makes sure to:

  • Be very alert and work with keen attention to detail
  • Take all necessary safety precautions
  • Use suitable protective gear like gloves, long sleeve jacket, mask, goggles, etc

Convenient On-site Welding Services for Tacoma Residents

The best thing about our welding services in Tacoma is that these are provided on-location. Instead of calling customers to our shop, we send over our welder to them. This offers amazing convenience to our customers as they get the required welding services in Tacoma while they:

  • Make no towing arrangements
  • Do not incur any towing expenses
  • Have the welder start on the job in the shortest time possible

Our on-site welding services in Tacoma also cause minimal disruption in the household work or business of our customers. They can go about their routines as our welder works discreetly on their property.

Trust Foothills Truck and Trailer for expert welding services in Tacoma. Call our welder at 253-245-3977.

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