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A vehicle’s transmission is often called its most complex component. It plays a crucial role in delivering the correct power to the wheels depending up on the vehicle’s speed. Transmissions, whether automatic or manual, help in changing the gears to control the speed-torque ratio. This helps the motorists to use the output power of engines most efficiently and travel in their machines at the complete range of required speeds.

The constant use of transmissions for running the vehicle leads to its extensive wear and tear, which, in turn, leads to transmission problems that call for repair. When you need transmission repair in Auburn, you should turn only to the experts at Auburn City Imports. We specialize in Acura and Honda transmission repair and boast of technicians who have built their entire careers working on Honda and Acura transmissions.

Honda Transmission Repair Work in Auburn

Is your Honda having difficulty in shifting of gears or is its engine revving? It might even be simply revving, without making any movement. It is quite likely that its transmission is not working properly.

Though Honda transmission servicing is recommended every 30,000 miles, many owners ignore it in the rush of life. This usually leads to problems that translate into having to get expensive Honda transmission repair services.

If you are looking for a reputable transmission repair expert in Auburn to provide you with accurate and economical services, Auburn City Imports is the ‘go to’ name. Our technicians are passionate about automobiles and appreciate how proud you are of your Honda. They handle its transmission repair as carefully and thoroughly as they would of their own vehicle.

Auburn Experts for Handling Acura Transmissions

Acura transmissions are quite delicate and demand routine maintenance services to maintain their efficiency and prolong their life. Lack of timely servicing and check-up can create problems such as defective parts and internal shift problems in automatic transmissions and poor shift quality and bearing failure in the manual ones.

The transmission problems will deepen as your Acura gets older. If you want to extract top driving efficiency and pleasure from it for many years to come, make sure that you get regular transmission servicing and timely repairs for it from our renowned transmission specialists. If required, we provide high quality transmission rebuild services too. Our impeccable services are coupled with friendly customer care to give you a superior service experience.

Auburn City Imports is the name to trust for the transmission repair needs for your Honda and Acura vehicles. Reach us at (253) 245-1212.

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