The Changing Tech Scene in Seattle

Until about a decade back, Microsoft and Amazon were the only tech titans in Seattle, WA. Though many startups entered the industry, they remained tiny or exited the scene. The main reasons why most of these companies failed to fly was their failure to recruit quality talent and attract investors. And, the cause for this was primarily the shortage of exit strategies or good fallback options for the startups.

The recent years have, however, seen a dramatic change in the tech scene of Seattle. A number of public companies and large acquisitions have established themselves in the city. These include names like Expedia, Tableau, Zillow, Zulily and Isilon.

Along with the emergence of a sizable number of such large companies, the city has seen setting up of engineering offices of numerous Silicon Valley companies, such as:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Dropbox
  • eBay

The explosion of tech companies led to an increase in the population of high-caliber software engineers in this region, along with growth of smaller companies offering web-related services like SEO and web design.

SEO Services for Seattle Businesses

One company that is making a mark in the Seattle SEO industry is iLocal, Inc. In these highly digital times, the World Wide Web has penetrated every aspect of daily life. Its most powerful impact has been in the corporate world. Today, hardly any business can survive unless it is represented as well as marketed well online.

Search engine optimization is a potent tool that can help Seattle businesses reach and engage with their target customers who mostly shop online. The purpose of SEO is to improve ranking of a website in the search engine results so that it:

  • Does not get lost among the sea of similar sites
  • Is noticed by its local niche audience
  • Gets a healthy amount of web traffic

Top-Ranked SEO Company in Seattle

Our company is happy to help small, medium and big Seattle businesses taste success due to our targeted and effective search engine optimization services. We design and implement innovative SEO campaigns to move the websites of our clients high up in the search engine rankings for relevant search queries or keywords.

We take pride in being recognized as the top-ranked SEO company serving the Seattle area. The credit, we believe, goes to our:

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