The Best Massage Therapist in Summer

There are many massage therapists in Summer, but some are better than others.

A Credible and Reliable Massage Therapist

Nicole Howard, LMP of Essential Healing is the best massage therapists around. She is qualified and licensed to offer different types of massages. She has been doing massages since 2009 and her longevity in the business is proof of her credibility and reliability.

A Wide Range of Massage Services

Nicole Howard, LMP is mostly known for her pregnancy massages. She is a qualified Pregnancy Doula specialist and she is trusted by mothers to offer care during the pregnancy and during labor. Her pregnancy massages are meant to relieve lower back and hip pains, to help with sleep, to ensure the mother and the baby are relaxed, to aid in blood circulation, to ease pregnancy headaches, to reduce joint swelling, and to boost the immune system. Her pregnancy massage sessions are also important in that they reassure mothers and their relatives, they help mothers learn the proper breathing for an easier delivery, and they offer comfort and physical support to the mother (visit for more benefits of prenatal massages).

We also have massage sessions for those who have muscular injuries resulting from sports injuries, workplace injuries, and auto accident injuries. The injury treatment massages are safe and site-specific. We offer our injury treatment massages with consultation with your chiropractor. We will help you come up with a ‘back-to-work’ treatment program because we have the necessary training and experience.

At Essential Healing, we also offer deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, and reflexology massages to simply help you relax, to help you sleep better, and for many other benefits. You could buy a massage session and give it to a loved on as a gift. He/she will never forget it.

Convenient Massages

You get to choose the duration of your massage. You can book a massage session through the phone and via email. You can pick massage hours when it is most convenient to you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Your privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance and we do everything to ensure that you are comfortable.


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