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In these highly competitive times, you will find hardly any businesses that do not have an online extension of their business in the form of a business website. As a business website owner, you get an attractive and powerful website designed in the hope that visitors will come, be floored by the site, and purchase your products or services. However, for that you need to make the visitors aware of the existence of your website. If you think it is enough to submit a site to search engines, you are sadly mistaken.

Today, search engines are not the sole source of web traffic coming to your site. Therefore, you need to submit a link of your site to other avenues also for exploiting your online market optimally. One of the important sources of potential customers is a Seattle business directory. There are paid and free directories, so named depending upon whether they allow you to submit a website Seattle for a fee or for free. Then, the directory may be general or specific, depending on the type of websites it permits to submit a link to its database. While general directories include a variety of websites on different topics, specific directories allow only websites catering to a particular product or service to submit a URL to its listings.

All this talk about online directories may cause you to wonder what exactly you stand to gain if you submit a site to a directory. The main benefits that you can enjoy if you submit a link to a web directory are:

  • Facilitate awareness and visibility of your business and brand on a global level.
  • Bring your business on equal footing with large businesses. All websites that submit a site to the directory get equal exposure.
  • Long lasting online marketing benefits. Once you submit a site to a directory, it stays there.
  • Introduce yourself effectively to prospects. When you submit a URL to a directory, you also give a concise and informative company profile.
  • Faster growth for new businesses. A very effective strategy is to short-list some quality directories, submit a site to them all, and generate business from the traffic landing on your site.

Research Giant: A Quality Online Directory

Though online directories are quite beneficial, you need to choose carefully which directories to get listed in. You can submit a link to Research Giant. It is a popular, accurate, reliable, and result-oriented directory and listing in it adds to your online visibility. You gain from better search engine rankings and enjoy business growth.

The Research Giant website was designed and built by this Seattle web design company.

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