Spend Time Together as a Family for Stronger Bonds

It is difficult to overstate the importance of parents spending time with their kids.

The Best Place for a Family Outing

Odyssey 1 is the best place for a family outing because we have activities for kids and adults alike. Some of our attractions such as the Jungle Gym Soft Play Park and the Laser Tag Arena are exclusive to kids, but others like the Game Center are for all family members. If you do not want your kids aged below 10 years to play with older kids, we have the Jungle Gym Soft Play Park which is exclusive for kids aged below 10 years.

You should come for an Odyssey 1 family outing because we have been around since 1993 and we have had a very good safety record since then. You could win tickets and redeem them for gadgets and toys at our Redemption Center. We have a Concessions stand where you can have a bite (nachos, soda pop, fresh daily, and pizza) when hunger strikes.

Spend Time with Kids at your Convenience

We are open up to 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday and up to 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, meaning you can come in at your convenience, even after normal job hours. If you would like to bring a birthday party, a family gathering or any other even here, we have package deals as well as special daycare center prices. There is free Wi-Fi if you would like to catch up with work or to take a break while your kids place.

Bond with Your Kids

Playing with your kids at Odyssey 1 allows you to strengthen family bonds because ‘balance’ activities like the ones we have help complement ‘core’ activities like vacations. These activities are good for your kid’s academic performance in that you will have the opportunity to guide your kids and to explain things to them. You might not be doing this consciously, but these activities will help you assist your kids to develop parenting skills.

You will notice less behavioral problems, less violent tendencies, and less chance of drug abuse with the family outing. Visit http://beforeitsnews.com/family-parenting/2013/02/6-benefits-of-spending-time-together-as-a-family-2442386.html for tips on how your family stands to benefit from family activities.

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