Signs You Need a Web Designer to Re-design Your Website in Seattle

Why does a business need to redesign their existing website design? Many companies in Seattle, WA are re-launching their websites and for a good reason. Among constant changes in technology and website design trends, how websites are being used is changing.

Changing a website design is not just about the changing images and colors. New technology means new problems and functionalities. If you think your website is not current and up-do-date, contact a web designer to know for sure. Visit iLocal, Inc. today at 92 Lenora St Seattle, WA 98121. Some signs your website design needs a re-design include:

  • Slow loading times
  • Unnecessary buttons or information 
  • Poor search engine rankings

Is Your Website Design Underperforming? Advice for Seattle Businesses

So you have a website! You are promoting it as much as you can, but it is not giving the results you were hoping for.

If your website is failing to generate leads or sales, take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of a visitor. Is your website design neat and engaging? Are you giving users the information they need? Or is your website design sending them away? A professional web designer in Seattle can help you ensure your web design is delivering the desired results. A designer can help to:

  • Design particularly for your target audience
  • Ensure a smooth site navigation
  • Clearly explain what your company does
  • Best reflect your unique business personality

Web Design Tips to Avoid High Bounce Rate on Your Seattle Website

Bounce rate is a crucial statistics for a site performance and by using web design tips, Seattle business owners can avoid the high bounce rate. For those who are not as familiar with bounce rate, this term refers to the rate at which site visitors leave, or bounce, from your website. A bounce rate is recorded when a user:

  • Hits the back button
  • Closes a tab or window
  • Types a new web address

A high bounce rate means that your web design is unable to engage the visitors. If your web design page is too “cluttered” or even uses colors that make it hard for visitors find what they want quickly, frustration and bouncing begins. Reduce bounce rate by ensuring a website that features an intuitive web design which easily leads visitors to the products or services they are searching for.

Re-designing an outdated website design in Seattle is one of the smartest moves that business owners can make.