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ABC Towing is, without question, the number one Seattle towing company.

Not only do they offer fantastic Seattle tow services, but they truly care about each one of their customers. ABC Towing is a family owned and operated business, which inspires much of ther old-fashioned customer service traditions, including always putting their customers first. If you look on the Internet you will find countless positive reviews on ABC Towing’s service, including this, written by Hunter, which can be read in full on Customerlobby:

“I have a bunch of cars, mostly ’60s and ’70s sports cars, which ABC Towing transports for me. I have never had a scratch on any of my vehicles with them. I have been really happy with the service. We used to do vehicle repossessions, so I have worked with several towing companies and by far, this is the best towing company I have worked with. The drivers are all knowledgeable, friendly, and punctual. The trucks are new and well-maintained.
There have been times when I ask for a tow truck, and not specifically ask for a flat-bed. When the guy shows up, he tells me that there is too much risk of swinging. He will go back and get a flat-bed truck, without charging extra. That type of service is why I have remained a loyal customer.”

This isn’t an isolated situation of an ABC Towing employee going out of their way to help a customer. At ABC Towing, it’s just the way they operate.  In addition to basic towing services, ABC Towing offers:

  • Jumpstart service
  • Lockout service
  • Tire change service
  • Gas delivery
  • Winching

All of these services are offered with the goal of keeping drivers on the road safely and efficiently. Click here for more information regarding ABC Towing’s services.

Seattle Tow Trucks

ABC Towing’s tow trucks are always well maintained and kept clean. Their tow trucks are also well known for being powerful. They can pull even the largest vehicles on the road, but if for some reason your vehicle absolutely cannot be attached conventionally, ABC Towing offers a large tow bed. All of ABC Towing’s Seattle tow trucks come fully equipped with all the necessary gear to service your vehicle. Only a licensed and experienced tow operator will be helping you, which is a guarantee we make in order to maintain our customer’s confidence.

For more information regarding ABC Towing, call 206-457-2530 or go to

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