How to Get Seattle DirectBuy® Membership

You should consider membership to the DirectBuy® Club of Seattle to ensure you save money on your remodeling.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

You should consider DirectBuy® membership if you are considering bathroom or kitchen remodeling because you will not have to pay mark up prices (you get to save up to 50% on remodeling supplies and products). Some of the bathroom remodeling products and supplies that you could buy with a DirectBuy® membership are mounted TVs, shower enclosures, bathroom doors and windows, heated floors, bathroom cabinets, and bathroom window treatments. Some of the kitchen remodeling products and supplies that we help DirectBuy® members buy are kitchen countertops (tiles, quartz, granite, or marble), designer cabinets, kitchen designs, and kitchen remodeling ideas and tips. Seattle remodeling increases the resale value of your home and it makes your home more comfortable and welcoming.

How to Become a DirectBuy® Member

Becoming a member of the DirectBuy® Club of Seattle is very straight forward. All you have to do is attend our Open House where you will learn more about the club so that you can make an informed DirectBuy® membership decision. You should plan to spend at least 90 minutes once you come to the DirectBuy® Open House. The price a DirectBuy® member pays for membership is confidential until he/she attends the DirectBuy® Open House – it is only after you have been taken through what DirectBuy® that you will be ready to discuss matters of costs and membership options.

Seattle DirectBuy® Membership Benefits

Once you are a DirectBuy® Seattle member, you get to choose from over 700 of the leading brands. You will get your own DirectBuy® product specialist to help you with your shopping, ensuring that you get the best product for the best price. As a SeattleDirectBuy® member, you will be assured that the price you pay for your products has no hidden markup. Our A+ BBB Rating and other awards such as the DirectBuy® Franchisee Rising Star Recipient (2007) should encourage you to be our member.

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