Reconstructive Facial Fracture Surgery in Contra Costa Valley

Facial fracture can happen when your face gets injured due to motor vehicle accident, sports injuries, workplace accidents, physical attack, etc. The forceful trauma that the face undergoes harms its bony structures and soft tissues.You have to get reconstructive facial fracture surgery to restore the original shape and functionality of your face. It involves working on

  •  The upper/lower jaw
  •  Forehead
  •  Internal nasal structure
  •  Cheekbones
  •  Nose
  •  Frontal bones
  •  Lips
  •  Facial skin
  •  Tongue
  •  Bones around the eyes

At times, the patient may ask for cosmetic facial fracture repair surgery involving chin and cheek implants. The patients of facial fractures in Contra Costa Valley should get the required plastic surgery from the renowned surgeon, Dr. Elliot B. Lavey.

Facial Fracture Repair in Contra Costa Valley

If you have been a victim of a brutal assault or have been involved in a traumatic accident, you stand the chance of getting facial fracture. Severe bruises on the face, swollen eyelids, sunken or abnormally positioned eyes, flattened or swollen cheeks, blurry vision, numbness in cheeks, lips or side of nose, etc. are some symptoms of fracture.

The extent of the facial fracture you have suffered will determine the treatment option you will need. If you are in Contra Costa Valley, let Dr. Lavey take care of the problem. The initial operation for facial fracture repair will have to be conducted within a few days. If the damage is extensive, you might have to go in for additional surgeries, which may be performed over some months or, even years. Whatever it is, you can count on Dr. Lavey to use the most suitable procedures to get your life back to normalcy.

Certified Surgeon for Plastic Surgery in Contra Costa Valley

The decision of having reconstructive or cosmetic surgery for a severely injured or damaged face is very important and highly personal one. It is very essential that the patient and the surgeon share a good rapport.

If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate condition of having to go in for facial plastic surgery, you should consult Dr. Lavey. He is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with 28 years of private practice experience. He performs all medical care personally and maintains a record of impeccable services in Contra Costa Valley. With him by your side, you can be sure of fast and perfect recovery from your traumatic experience.

If you need facial fracture surgery in Contra Costa Valley, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lavey and discuss your options. Call him at (925) 575-8611.

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