Quality Prosthetics and Orthotics in Tacoma and Federal Way

There are many considerations that you should make when picking a prosthetics and orthotics clinic, but the type and quality of services on offer is the most important consideration.

Quality Orthotics for Healthier Legs and Feet

You should get qualityorthotics from top companies like Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic because they help relieve painful foot problems, especially in people who must stand or walk excessively while working or while performing other everyday activities. Quality orthotics help alleviate back and knee pains. Another advantage of orthotics is that they help you maintain a normal position and in time bones and joints such as ankles and knees get aligned. Quality orthotics are advantageous in that they help in the alleviation of fascia pain and they help realign the spinal column.

Orthotics help correct minor food deformities like hammertoes. If you are into exercising such as jogging or walking, qualityorthotics will give you additional shock absorption. Orthotics are great for athletes because they keep the foot aligned so that the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons work efficiently and so that there is pain relief, increased efficiency, and no injuries. Orthotics are also used to correct shape and function, to help in rehabilitation of fractures, to reduce weight bearing forces, and to limit, guide, control, and immobilized affected extremities or joints.

Quality Prosthetics for Better Movement

Quality prosthetics are important because they facilitate movement and they enable you to stand. Quality prosthetics are good for your self esteem since you will not feel out of place when in a crowd. Today’s prosthetics are designed in such a way that you move and stand as naturally as possible.

Quality Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic offers prosthetic and orthotic services to pediatric, diabetic, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, neuro-developmentally deficient, muscular dystrophy, and plagiocephaly patients. Our services are also popular with breast prosthetics & mastectomy, amputee, brain injury trauma, vascular, high level spinal cord injury and hip disarticulation patients. Our two facilities in Tacoma and Federal Way have labs where we make, customize, and repair prosthetics and orthotics.


The prosthetics and orthotics we make a patient depends on the patient’s disease. As an example, a patient who has Cerebral Palsy will need prosthetics and orthotics to take care of abnormal gait when walking, tight joints that will not open fully, and tight muscles that will not stretch.

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