Quality Granite Countertops for Seattle Homes

When it comes to countertops and slabs, granite enjoys universal popularity and is the number one choice for doing up kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the qualities that make it a very desirable material are:

  •  Looks beautiful and adds to home’s value
  •  Resistant to heat and scratches
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Hygienic, resists bacterial contamination
  •  Durable; retains luminous appearance for long

At Allied Marble & Granite, Inc., we encourage the residents of Seattle to get granite countertops and granite backsplashes created out of granite slabs for increasing the beauty and efficiency of their kitchens. You can place the heaviest of appliances on the countertops or keep hot utensils on it without a fear. It will easily bear the abrasions that are normal in a kitchen and not show up the worse for it.

Best Granite Slabs in Seattle for Your Kitchen

Though tiles are used sometimes for creating the backsplash to a granite countertop, the impact made by granite slabs when they are used as backsplashes is something else. A stylish and strong granite slab offers the perfect complement to the countertop and accentuates it like no other thing can.

The residents of Seattle should shop with Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. for the perfect slabs to enhance their countertops. You can be sure of finding just the pattern and color shade you were looking for; we offer you a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Our knowledgeable design staff can help you make the right decision by giving you an in-sight into how the chosen slab would look when installed in your kitchen.

Granite Backsplashes for Customers in Seattle

We are committed to helping the people of Seattle enjoy a kitchen of their dreams. With their refined tastes, delicate sense of style and keen eye for detail, our experts can be counted on for installing the most elegant granite backsplashes and countertops in your home.

Every family has its distinct lifestyle and fixed notions about the way its home should be furnished. Understanding this, we stock a large collection of granite countertops, slabs and backsplashes to cater to all preferences. Whether you like subtle designs or have an inclination for prominent patterns, we have products that will appeal to you. If you want your home to be the envy of the neighborhood, Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. can definitely help you.

Add functionality with a touch of elegance to your kitchen with our granite countertops. Call (206) 763-1311.

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