Pizza Maple Valley

You want your pizza to arrive quickly and to have a great taste, but what other qualities should you be on the lookout for when it comes to searching for a Maple Valley pizza delivery company?

Professional Maple Valley Pizza Delivery Company

Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta is one of the most professional Maple Valley pizza delivery companies as evidenced by our hygienic preparation of our traditional Italian pizzas and our well-trained and experienced team. We are licensed by the relevant Washington regulatory bodies and we abide with all the laid out food safety regulations. You get to choose from different pizza recipes, meaning there is something for everyone. Ours are some of the best pizza prices around.

Quality Maple Valley Pizzas

At Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta, we pride ourselves in quality gourmet pizza. You get to choose from different options of Buffalo chicken (such as bleu cheese dressing and pepperoncini and green onions), barbeque chicken such as marinated BBQ chicken, lemon pepper chicken such as lemon pepper marinated chicken, and creamy pesto chicken like pesto ranch sauce with chicken. Other than the chickens, we also have different options of Roma tomato and garlic and pesto veggie.

We also have traditional pizza for those who love the classic pizza taste. In our traditional pizza selection are different options of deluxe cheese such as pepperoni extreme and veggie such as mushrooms. Others are Frankie’s Special Pizza, meat SI, Kahuna, Super Kahuna, and half/half traditional & gourmet pizza. You also get to create your own pizza. Other than our pizzas, we also have Hot’N’Spicy chicken wings, breadsticks, boneless chicken wings, different salads such as Caesar salad, garden salad, Greek salad, and spinach salad, and different beverages such as soda, Dasani bottled water, unsweetened team, vitamin water, Barq’s root beer, green team, and Minute Maid lemonade.

Online Maple Valley Pizza Ordering

You can do online pizza ordering. This is important because it gives you unparalleled convenience and it saves you money. Online pizza ordering is also advantageous in that it offers anonymity, making this the best option if you want to surprise a loved one with pizza.

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