Phone Book Irrelevance

Beat Phone Book Irrelevance by Choosing Online Directories

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t looked anything up using a phone book in a long time. Ever since the Internet became a fast and reliable tool to research what I need, I haven’t had to use other options that may be less efficient.

Internet directories offer significant benefits over their paper counterparts. Some might argue that those who don’t have a computer need access to a phone book, and while that is certainly true, phone books are no longer apt to deal with the fast changing nature of today’s businesses.If given the opportunity to use the web over using a phone book, it would be wise to choose the web.

Phone books are extremely limited. They generally only offer local options, leaving people stumped about where to get the products and services they need outside of their area. This is also bad for the businesses that want to reach a wider customer base.Businesses that are in touch with the Internet have the great advantage of reaching out to people who live around the world, which increases their chance of sales and overall success.

Phone books are also very limited as far as the content that they allow. When advertising through a phone book, you have a small space to cram in your most pertinent information, leaving much to be desired. A website allows you to personalize a larger space, giving your customers the feeling that they know who they are purchasing from personally.

Research Giant

Once you’ve decided that getting listed in a Seattle business directory is your best bet to increased visibility it is time to find the right directory for you. You want to make sure that your chosen directory is reputable and provides a quality platform for you to give out your business’s contact information. If you live in the Seattle area, you might consider getting listed in Research Giant, a popular and high functioning online business directory. Getting listed in Research Giant will allow you to create a highly visible profile where you can upload relevant content and interesting photos that will intrigue prospective customers. Even better, getting listed in Research Giant will provide optimization for you, making your business more visible to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Beat phone book irrelevance with online directories!

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