Personal Injury Attorney Tacoma

Personal Injury Law Tacoma

Do you need a personal injury attorney in Tacoma?

If you do, call the attorneys at TCLMDS. Personal injury law is a delicate subject, and the lawyers at TCLMDS know how to handle it perfectly. In fact, they have built quite the positive reputation throughout the Puget Sound for winning their client’s cases.

Personal injury is best defined as injury to your body, both physically and emotionally, due to the negligence of another. There are many types of personal injury, including:

  • Dog bites
  • Falls
  • Motor accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Work site accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • And much more

If you have been injured either physically or emotionally, chances are you are still dealing with the aftermath. A personal injury can be devastating. It can change your life temporarily, or even sometimes permanently. While it can be second nature to just “walk it off” or “get over it,” the attorneys at TCLMDS urge you to take action and hold the person responsible, responsible.

Personal Injury Lawyers Tacoma

When working with personal injury lawyers in Tacoma, you should feel supported, cared for, and listened to. The attorneys at TCLMDS are well known for the aggressive approach they take in order to get you what you deserve. They are also known for taking the extra time to speak with their clients regarding any thoughts or concerns. It makes a big difference when you can speak with your attorney on the phone, as opposed to their legal aid, and at TCLMDS that is the kind of service you get.

You can find testimonials, like this one by Charlene Courtois, by visiting

“I had the opportunity to use Mike McKasy as my attorney in 2009.  I had fallen on the sidewalk in Tacoma and had to have 5 surgeries to get back in shape.
Mike helped me get through my legal case with the property owner and the city of Tacoma.  He went above and beyond to get me through it all.
It was a long haul but I ended up with as far as I’m concerned not only the best attorney in Tacoma but also a good friend forever.
He is to me #1”

If you are unsure about your case, it would be wise to take advantage of TCLMDS’s free consultation. As part of their dedication to the victims of personal injury, TCLMDS offers free consultations so that you can speak with a qualified professional regarding your case. For more information regarding here, dial 253-777-1900.

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