Landscaping Company Serving Tacoma

Nothing enriches you daily life like beautifully landscaped outdoors. Charming landscaping, whether on your residential or commercial property in Tacoma, WA, is not only a feast for the eyes, but a soul-soothing stress-buster.

We, at Total Lawn Care, LLC help people improve their lives and properties by serving them with comprehensive landscaping Tacoma services. We are well-equipped to handle all big and small landscaping projects with our

• Creative landscape designers
• Expert landscaping installers
• Trained landscape maintenance and lawn care crew
• Advanced landscaping tools & equipment

Our landscaping Tacoma company also maintains knowledgeable and friendly staff to assure all its clients of smooth and stress-free landscaping services.

Lawn Care Services for Tacoma Residents

Lawn care is often associated with occasional grass mowing and debris removal. However, complete lawn care includes this and a lot more. Keeping the lawn looking pristine and alluring all the time is not easy and calls for specialized lawn care services.

Tacoma residents who understand the importance of having a healthy lawn and appreciate the effort that goes onto maintaining the lawn always come to a capable lawn care expert like us. We deliver

• Lawn care services to maintain a well-manicured turf
• Lawn care services to protect the turf from diseases
• Lawn care services to help the turf survive through seasonal changes

With us on the job, Tacoma properties find it easy to flaunt gorgeous lawns!

Beautiful Landscape Design for Tacoma Properties

Beautiful landscape design lays the foundation for a stunning landscape. A landscaping Tacoma professional’s capabilities must include customized landscape design services.

We help our clients achieve their dream landscapes with our innovative landscape design services. If we work with a property owner with a clear landscape design idea, we strive to create a landscape design to turn that vision into reality. When we work with someone with no idea of landscape design, we produce an esthetic and functional landscape design that is ideal for the space.

Our landscape design incorporates different landscaping elements such as plants, hardscape installations, water features and accent lighting. The landscape design produced by our landscaping Tacoma experts also takes into account all the crucial considerations, including

• Unique requirements of the landscaping project
• Tacoma property owner’s aesthetic preferences, privacy needs and budget
• Sun and wind exposure on the property
• Presence of children and pets on the property

Enhance the aesthetics and value of your Tacoma property with expert landscape design, landscape installation and lawn care service from Total Lawn Care, LLC. Call (253) 777-4664.