Is Your Basement Flooding? Call a Plumbing Company Now

Basement floods are one of the most devastating, costly and hazardous situations for homeowners. Water can unexpectedly overwhelm sewer lines, drains or pipes, and can end up in your basement.

Other causes of basement flooding include:

  • Leaky toilets or water heaters
  • Clogged or improperly installed gutters and downspouts
  • Absence or failure of sump pumps

If you have a flooded basement and are not sure what to do, contact a plumbing company right away. A professional company will have a number of effective solutions to fix your flooded basement.

They deal with many flooded basements situations, and have a team with state-of-the-art equipment needed to restore the flow, as well as have high tech video inspection cameras that can show a homeowner what caused the situation in the first place.

Basement Flooding can Cause Harm to You & Your Home’s Plumbing

Basement flooding is a potentially serious problem. It has many negative consequences associated with it, above and beyond the mess, inconvenience, and disruption to your everyday routine.

Basements that flood very often will promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause a range of problems, including sneezing, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness as well as skin irritation.

Chronically wet properties are associated with an increase in respiratory problems. Regular water damage to your home’s foundation can also compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Other damaging effects of basement flooding include:

  • Moisture in your basement can damage drywall, framing and wood
  • Frequent basement floods can cause long-term damage to your property
  • Property value may decrease because the basement gets flooded quite frequently

Immediate Steps to Take After Calling a Plumbing Company to Fix Flooded Basement

If you have a flooded basement, avoid wading through the water as there may be open circuits in the room. Exercise extreme caution if you think there may be “raw sewage” present in the water.

Here is the checklist of things to do immediately after calling a professional for help:

  • Shut off the Water Main
  • Turn off power to the basement
  • Examine the Damage from a Distance
  • Call Your Insurance Company
  • Take photos

These are the crucial steps to take if your basement is flooded with water. These steps will help you minimize the damage to your home as well as your valuable belongings.

To prevent future problems, have a professional regularly inspect all your devices and fixtures (i.e. floor drains, backwater valves, sump pumps, etc.) to ensure efficient operation.

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