How to Test for Mold in Your NYC Home

Mold could be lurking in your NYC home as we speak. You may think that that black thing in the corner of your wall is nothing to worry about – but you’re mistaken. That black thing can be a serious health hazard. At first, it may cause a stuffy nose, an itchy throat and eyes, red marks on your skin, occasional fever, and difficulty breathing. Later on, mold may cause even asthma or
some other more serious pulmonary problems. So, do not play with your life – test for mold in your NYC home. Although getting rid of it is very hard, checking for it is not. So spare some of
your time to read how to do it.

Perform a Visual Inspection First

If you suspect that you have mold in your NYC home, you might want to start looking for professional mold removers on your online yellow pages immediately. But, if you are not quite
sure whether you have it or not, better inspect it yourself first. Since mold thrives in moisture, you should start checking for it in areas of your home prone to getting wet – bathrooms, attics,
basements, behind the pipes, behind the furniture, around the doors and windows, etc. Look for blackish dots that smell bad.

Buy an At-Home Testing Kit

If you do not see mold, but you still want to make sure you are safe, for either health or legal reasons, you can buy an at-home mold testing kit. Most of these kits use a petri dish and a mold-
growing medium, which proved to be very effective. It might seem pretty straightforward, but you should read the instructions before using the kit to test for mold in your NYC home.

Call Professionals to Do the Testing

If you do see mold in some of the previously mentioned areas of your home, it might be best to call professionals. They will check the type of mold you have growing in your home and also
give you a piece of advice on how to remove it or offer their mold-removal services. And, speaking of removal, if the mold inspectors tell you that you are dealing with some dangerous kind of mold that has spread too much, you may need to relocate your furniture and yourself until the mold is taken care of. If you have been caught by surprise and do not know where to start with this relocation, Browsing through Best Movers NYC database could help. Websites like that can help you get matched with the best moving companies in NYC.

When Should You Test for Mold in Your NYC Home?

99% of the time, mold can be seen and smelled. So, only when you notice some discolorization on your walls or some of your furniture should you test it for mold. However, if you have just
moved into a new home or are suspicious, do not hesitate and test for mold in your NYC home. Better to be safe than sorry! Either find a local business to handle this task for you or do it yourself with one of those mold-testing kits.

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