High Quality Tree Services for Property Owners in Tacoma

Lush green trees make a welcome addition to every property, residential or commercial. Having thriving trees on your place is not easy; you have to plan for it. Planting them in the right and fertile location, making sure nothing will hinder their development or put them at risk as they grow, looking for and treating diseases or pest infestations, periodic topping and pruning, crown raising, removal of damaged/decayed/dead trees, etc. are some things that have to be done. And you need tree service professionals for it all.

Trying to save on a few dollars by avoiding expert help can prove expensive! The residents of Tacoma should hire the reputable Hunter’s Tree Service to get the superior tree services that are essential to have healthy trees on your place.

Certified Arborists Servicing the Tacoma Area

Nobody can care for the trees on your property as well as a qualified arborist can. A certified arborist is a professional with specialized knowledge of tree care that comes from study and experience.

Hunter’s Tree Service employs highly knowledgeable and trained, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists to offer exceptional tree services to the people of Tacoma. Our arborists are diligent tree service specialists who keep themselves updated on the latest arboriculture techniques. Their expertise is a must if you want to maintain well-cared for and attractive trees that add to the value of your property.

The services offered by our professionals include

  •  Diagnosing and treating diseased tree
  •  Tree climbing and pruning
  •  Landscaping and new tree planting
  •  Storm damaged assessment
  •  Cabling protection
  •  Consultation and report writing

Experienced Tree Service Professionals in Tacoma

Healthy trees add a lot of aesthetic appeal, personality and value to a property. However, keeping the trees healthy is not something you can leave to nature alone. Proper tree care and maintenance services are a must to ensure that your trees are free of disease or insects and look neat and beautiful.

Comprehensive tree care is something that calls for a particular expertise and is a job that is best left to experienced tree service professionals. Some tree service jobs such as pruning tall trees, removing decaying or dead trees, etc. can be quite big and dangerous. Get in touch with Hunter’s Tree Service and hire our certified arborists to provide the right care that your trees need.


Hire reputable tree services expert and give the trees on your residential or commercial property the best possible care. Call Hunter’s Tree Service at (253) 777-1938.

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