Heavy Equipment Repair Tacoma

You should never trust the repair of your heavy equipment to a Tacoma heavy equipmentrepair company that does not have the capacity to do the job.

ProfessionalTacoma Heavy Equipment Repair to Save Money

Heavy equipment repair should only be done by a professional like the professionals at Streich Bros, Inc. because this will ensure you do not void the warranty and there is no exacerbation of the problem or even such problems as electric fires. Heavy equipment does not come cheap and you do not want to void the warranty or to cause further damage. Outsourcing heavy equipmentrepair saves you money because it means you do not need to hire an in-house team for the job.

A Professional Tacoma Heavy Equipment Repair Team

Streich Bros., Inc. is the best Tacoma heavy equipmentrepair company because we have a highly professional team of fabrication and welding experts. Our welders are certified by the relevant regulatory bodies. Our team has the training and experience necessary for the job. We have been around for over 50 years and this is proof of the confidence our clients have in our team.

Our team has experience serving individuals, small businesses, and large scale industries such as chemical and steel plant companies. This means that whatever your needs are, we have solutions for you. Our team is ready to offer emergency service around the clock, all year round since we understand that some heavy equipment repairs cannot wait. Our waterfront access to Port of Tacoma means we will reach your property in good time.

You should come to Streich Bros., Inc. for heavy equipmentrepair because our experts carry professional indemnity insurance. This ensures that you are covered from shoddy work and theft and damage to your property. We also have worker’s compensation insurance for our employees. This ensures that you are indemnified in case of an accident that leads to an injury or a fatality.

The Best Machine Shop and Fabrication Facility in Tacoma

We have by far the largest machine shop and fabrication facility in the entire Pierce County. The facility measures approximately 40,000 square feet. In the machine shop and fabrication facility are the latest technologies, tools, and equipment for the job. We have everything it takes to complete your work in good time.


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