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Considering the number of consumers preferring online shopping, it has become essential that you aggressively advertise your online presence and availability. Link Building is an important element contributing to the visibility and popularity of your website, and directory submission is a very useful technique that helps in link building and also works as free online advertising of your business. It involves getting your website listed in a Seattle online directory.

There are several free and paid directories present on the web. Some of them are general directories and some are subject-specific such as business directories. As a business owner, you would love maximum exposure for your business at minimum cost. You should consider getting listed in a free directory.  If your online marketing budget is limited, such directories are the perfect choice. You just have to spare some time to fill in the details of your business and submit free URL to be included in the list of your category of business with the directory.

Becoming a part of a business directory is a free online advertising of your product/service. Usually, the search engines look favorably upon and their listings turn up quite often when the users search for particular products or services. Therefore, free URL submissions to both general and niche directories work well for your site. One feature of the free directory, especially attractive for the small and new businesses, is that all businesses, small or large get equal exposure. Any website can use the free add facility, have its link placed in the directory and enhance the chances of getting more web traffic. Try to find a free directory Seattle if you can, and make sure it is reputable and relevant.

The search engines index your site at their own pace. Directory listings make it easier for them to track your website and index it. Whether you pay for it or get free URL addition, directory submissions provide important backlinks that raise your site’s search engine rankings. There is no limit to the number of directories you get listed in, but it is advisable to work out a directory submission budget for paid directories or plan the frequency at which you submit free URL to directories.

Research Giant: A Go-to Online Directory

Thus, to start popularizing your online identity and generating more online business, seek out directories that offer free add listings and find the reputable paid ones. One credible and popular business directory is the Research Giant. You can get your business profile listed in it to get better traffic of qualified buyers directed towards your site.

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