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The differential delivers a crucial function in a vehicle. Without a properly functioning differential, handling a car, truck, etc. and making turns with it becomes very difficult and risky. All those who have some automotive knowledge will know that the wheels of a vehicle do not move at the same speed. It is the differential that makes them spin at varying rates, even as it maintains a consistent overall speed of the automobile.

If you want your vehicle to have full traction and smooth handling at turns, get the help of the experienced differential repair specialists at ABC Transmission to keep your differential in fine shape. From gear repair and ratio enhancement, to oil changes, to axle repair, to full differential overhauls and heavy-duty differential upgrades, we do it all.

Differential Upgrades for Cars and Trucks in Tacoma

If you pay a little attention when you drive, you can detect problems in the vehicle’s differential and get differential repair before things worsen. Some of the tell-tale signs are –

  •  If your vehicle produces a banging or clunking sound every few feet of driving, it indicates damage to ring gear or pinion gear
  •  Whirring sound on driving that may change while turning can mean worn out carrier bearing
  •  Increased vibration on accelerating points to worn u-joints
  •  Whining or howling on quick acceleration is indicative of worn pinion gears or improper setting up of gears

The differential of your car or truck is quite a complex component. It is always better not to attempt working on it yourself and take in your vehicle to an expert like us. We are reputed for genuine and upright services. Our accomplished technicians will assess the vehicles thoroughly before providing differential upgrades or repairs, as required.

Affordable Axle Repair for Tacoma Motorists

When we talk about automotive safety, the axles are as important as the tires or brakes. Axle are a vital part of a vehicle’s steering system; they are connected to the wheels and carry the vehicle’s entire weight. It is the axle that helps the wheel differential in turning the wheels correctly.

Constant usage causes wear and tear of the axle components which gradually damages the axle assembly. Timely axle repair is a must to improve the efficiency and longevity of your automobile. In Tacoma, you can count on us for superior and affordable axle repair.

The residents of Tacoma can call us at (253) 777-1969 to get the most effective, economical and dependable differential repair services for their cars and trucks.

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