Engine Repair Services for Tacoma Residents

The engine is the heart of your vehicle! Put some gas into your machine and the engine will power it down the road. If you want your automobile to go the distance, treat its engine well.

Take the help of Tacoma’s leading automotive engine experts, Austin’s Pro Max to keep your engines in good shape. We offer engine repair services for all sorts of problems, including

  •  Engine seizing
  •  Engine misfires
  •  Overheating
  •  Cracked engine blocks
  •  Intake manifold leaks
  •  Blown head gaskets

In every car or truck engine repair job that we handle, the defective parts are repaired flawlessly and the damaged or worn-out parts are replaced with quality parts. Our services are sure to result in better road performance and fuel efficiency from your vehicle.

Tacoma Expert offering Car Engine Repair

If you notice problems with your car such as excessive fuel consumption, low oil pressure, tapping and knocking sounds or excessive smoke coming out of the tailpipe, it might indicate that the engine is not working properly. Usual mileage-related wear & tear, lubrication issues and poor maintenance are some of the common causes behind such engine issues.
Interested in avoiding a huge automotive repair bill? Get the required car engine repair in time to contain the problem before it flares up into a more major defect. At Austin’s Pro Max, we maintain a crew that has all the training, knowledge and experience that is essential to deliver quality engine repair services. We handle more than 2000 vehicles every year and perform car engine repair on all automobile makes and models.

Truck Engine Repair Professional Serving Tacoma

Just as you take care of your own health, you must take good care of your truck’s health if you want it to serve you efficiently for long years. Though preventive maintenance and timely repairs is necessary for all automotive components, your truck’s engine deserves special attention.

For truck owners who want nothing but the best engine services in Tacoma for their prized machines, Austin’s Pro Max is the number one option. We inspect your engine minutely to make precise assessment of issues and set them right with an exceptionally high level of truck engine repair expertise. Using the latest in automotive repair technology, we assure you of having the engine revved up and your truck ready to glide on the roads in no time.


Don’t jeopardize your safety. Don’t risk getting stranded on the road. Call us at (253) 777-1953 for fast and accurate engine repair services.

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