Professional Seattle Car Wash

There are several reasons why you should have your car washed regularly, one of the best place for the car wash in Seattle being Elephant Car Wash.

Have your Car Regularly Cleaned

You should have your car regularly cleaned because a good clean and waxing increases the longevity of the car’s exterior, especially the paint. A car that is in a good condition will have a higher resale value. A good car wash makes your car attractive. You will impress your friends and you will be happy about the car.

Have your Car Professionally Cleaned

You could clean the car yourself, but bringing it to car wash like Elephant Car Wash has several advantages. One of the advantages of a car wash over DIY car cleaning is that your car will be cleaned using the most effective cleaning equipment. As an example, the Seattle Elephant Car Wash has high-pressure water cleaning equipment, equipment that it does not make much economic sense to buy.

Another of the advantages of Elephant Car Wash is that cleaning is much quicker, meaning it will not interfere with your day’s schedule. Elephant Car Wash has several touch-less and self-serve locations where you car will be washed in a few minutes. Our car washes start early and close late to accommodate all our clients.

Comprehensive Car Wash Services

One of the greatest advantages of Elephant Car Wash Seattle services is that our services are packaged into different packages. This means you do not have to pay for what you do not need. Our packages include full service wash packages, exterior wash packages, platinum wash, VIP wash, gold wash, supreme wash, silver wash, value wash, tri-color wax, interior only, trunk vacuum, leather treatment, wheel clean, and tire shine. We have competitive rates, we are centrally located, and we guarantee that our car washing does not pollute the environment and this is why we partner with The Puget Sound Car Wash Association (check out

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