Elegant Commercial Flooring For Your Business Place in Kent

Floors are a very critical part of any commercial environment. As a business owner, you will agree that commercial flooring should be such that is elegant, affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

There are several types of commercial floors that you can consider for adding a touch of class to your office, retail store or any other commercial institution in Kent, WA. These include:

  •  Laminates: Laminate flooring makes a good choice if you want to give the floor of your workplace the graceful look of wood without draining out the pocket.
  •  Vinyl flooring: Nothing is better than scratch-resistant and durable vinyl flooring for high traffic commercial places.
  •  Wood floors: Installing solid and engineered wood floors ensures years of graceful and professional flooring for your business place.
  •  Carpets: Vinyl commercial carpets are perfect for high traffic areas.
  •  Tiles: If you are looking for durable and low maintenance flooring, stone, ceramic, slate or porcelain tiles offer a wonderful option.

Choosing Commercial Carpets in Kent

Carpets are a great flooring choice for commercial establishments. Apart from adding to the personality and style of the workplace, commercial carpets help in ensuring that the ambience is quiet, calm, non-frivolous and businesslike.
The main types of carpets used for commercial flooring include Glue Down carpets, Broadloom carpets and Tiles Square carpets. While choosing carpets for your business place, the factors you need to focus on include the carpet’s fiber composition, design, color, performance, durability, appearance-retention capacity and, of course, its cost. A few other importance things you should ensure are that the product should be easy to install, easy to replace and economical to maintain. Quite often, an expensive flooring may work out to be affordable due to its economical installation and low maintenance costs.

Get the Flooring Experts in Kent to Install Your Commercial Floors

Proper installation of commercial floors is most essential to extract years of excellent performance from them. Several factors are involved in the process such as sub-floor preparation, using the correct tools, adhesives and seaming methods, etc. It is important to go to an experienced flooring expert who knows the job inside-out.

At All Flooring Wholesalers, you will find the professionals you are looking for. We have proven our expertise with successful commercial floor installation projects all over Kent.

Call All Flooring Wholesalers at (253) 220-6262 today! We sell a variety of amazing commercial floors to enhance the look of your property and offer fast, efficient and professional installation services as well.


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