Customized Spice Racks

Almost every kitchen has heaps of spice jars meant for everyday use. It would be maddening if there were no systematic spice storage solutions and one had to rummage in the drawers, cupboards or bins to find the right jar.

Get spice racks and spice shelves installed in your kitchen to escape unnecessary spice storage and search frustrations! We, at ZIPcabs can help.

Come to us for customized spice racks that are:

  • Made to meet your spice storage needs perfectly
  • Sized according to your specifications
  • Crafted for unobtrusive installation in your kitchen or pantry

With our custom spice rack, you can have your spices and herbs stored neatly and within easy reach. Our custom-made spices racks and spice shelves make a better investment than the standard spice racks in the market. We give you spice racks offering an ideal fit in your kitchen, and use solid oak to ensure that your custom spice rack is strong & hard-wearing.

Adjust Spice Shelves to Accommodate Your Spice Collection

Another unique feature of our spice racks is the adjustable spice shelves. We not only let you decide how many shelves your custom spice rack would have, but also give you the freedom to take the spice shelves to any location you want.

The shelves on the spice racks that we make for you are not fixed. The spice shelves can be moved within the channels in the sidewalls of the rack and fixed securely anywhere using the available shelf supports.

This makes our spice racks incredibly flexible and allows you to:

  • Modify your custom spice rack as per storage needs at different times
  • Move spice shelves to accommodate big spice bottles
  • Place spice shelves judiciously to avoid wastage of rack space

Our Custom Spice Rack Is Easy to Use and Easier to Order

You, as the customer are the top priority for our customer-oriented business. While supplying you with a custom spice rack, all our focus is on ensuring that:

  • All your spice storage requirements are met
  • You have a highly satisfying experience of shopping with us
  • We earn your trust and establish a lasting relationship with you

That is why we are committed to offering you the finest quality custom spice rack that adds great convenience and efficiency to your kitchen. You even have the options of wall-mounted, door-mounted or countertop racks. Moreover, we offer also you an easy process for ordering the rack.

Call ZIPcabs at 206-439-0338 to order a perfect custom spice rack for your kitchen.