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What caused you to not reach your marketing goals last year? And what marketing projects were not able to finish? Each year businesses do “blind marketing.”

They market without realizing what kind of return their getting. As a result once a year they’re left wondering why their marketing efforts failed. The Research Giant business directory services all of Tacoma, WA and solves these common marketing problems with results that can be tracked on a monthly basis.  Plus its a locally owned business directory that really knows the Tacoma marketing inside and out.

With our service, we’ll take a close look at your marketing online program and make great use of the Research Giant to help you achieve a stronger return on investment online.  Our system is transparent and efficient.

  • Complete profiles that will attract new customers
  • Reach your marketing goals on a regular basis
  • Get rid of marketing systems that don’t work
  • Increase your profits and clientele
  • Eliminate wasteful marketing practices
  • Identify and use marketing systems that work


Stop the wasteful cycle of “blind marketing.”  Let the Tacoma Business Directory Research Giant work for you.   Packages starting as low as $24.95 per month.

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