Branded Electronics at Discounted Prices in Seattle

Like most people in Seattle, you must wait for the festive discount sales at the local stores when you want to buy an electronic item. You want to save as much as possible on it even if you have to wade through a crowd of eager shoppers to find the thing you came looking for.

How would you like to enjoy such amazing discounts without waiting for the sales announcements and without going to a crowded showroom? It does sound too good to be true, but is indeed possible at DirectBuy. We are a private buying club that offers its members top-notch branded electronics products at up to 50% and more off. Become a member today and buy that new television, blu ray disc player, camera, camcorder, mobile phone, audio & speakers, video game system or DVD player you had been longing for!

Buy New Television from Seattle Private Shopping Expert

Shopping at the sale organized by a store, you may not realize that the supposedly ‘discounted’ prices are not really giving you much off on the actual rates. Most retail stores either mark up their products so that they make good profit even as they offer the items at a discount, or negotiate a ‘one up’ giving you a cheaper version of the product you wanted to buy.

DirectBuy is a local private shopping expert that gives genuine discounts to its members in Seattle. The new television & video products and other electronic items available with us are priced up to 50% lower than at the local locations. We help our smart shoppers make authentic savings and enjoy both quality and low pricing.

High Quality Blu Ray Disc Player in Seattle

The residents of Seattle stand to gain a lot by becoming a member of DirectBuy. Whenever they need to buy something, they get access to a big selection of reputed brands that can be bought at the low prices usually reserved for retail location owners. They can have peace of mind by knowing that the products they buy are of high quality and the prices they pay don’t have any hidden markups.

Thus, we can help you fulfill your dreams and desires. Shopping with us brings even the latest electronics products within your budget. You will finally be able to afford the blu ray disc player you had been eyeing for some time now!


Selling top brands at huge discounts, DirectBuy is indeed the best place to shop for electronics in Seattle. Call (253) 777-1953 to know more.

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