Billboard Ads as Effective as Ever

Billboards ads have been around ever since highways were constructed, but they are still as effective as ever.

The Best Company in Billboard Advertisement

Parker Outdoor Inc. is the industry leader when it comes to billboard advertisements in the Seattle, Central Washington, and Eastern Washington areas, among other places. You should come to use with all your billboard advertisement needs because our customer service team acts promptly with each order. We have billboards in different locations and you can choose between one or several locations. We offer such services as installation coordination, installation supervision, project management, and assistance with the design process.

You should come to us for your billboard advertisements because we offer customization, we have billboards in wallscapes, bulletin, tri-vision, and poster vinyl, our billboards are large, and we guarantee densely populated locations.

Laws and Permits Regulating the Billboard Advertisement Industry

The WSDOT is mandated with issue ad sign permits (read Our billboard ads have the necessary permits and they comply with the laid out federal and state laws.

Billboard Advertisement for Brand and Business Awareness

  • A billboard helps with brand and business awareness since it will be seen by thousands of people each day. Billboards are hard to ignore while people may ignore banner ads, PPC (pay-per-click), and other online ads and they may choose to mute or turn off the TV or the radio when ads come on. People who use the road where the billboard advertisement is located will see the ad every single day because of the size and the location.
  • Billboards allow you to target large and diverse markets.
  • A person is more likely to remember what he/she sees (as opposed to what he/she hears).
  • Billboard advertisements are important because they build the company’s reputation as an industry leader.
  • Good billboard advertisement companies like Parker Outdoor Inc. manage the billboard for you to ensure that repairs are made in good time in case of damage.
  • A billboard ads campaign does not stop you from running other advertisement campaigns.
  • You will bring in as many clients/customers with an intelligent/artistic design as with the actual advert.
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