Bathroom Plumbing and Remodeling Services in Seattle

For almost everyone, a bathroom is like a very private space where you spend quite some time daily. You want it to be a tranquil, organized and clean space and therefore, spend a considerable amount of time and money on choosing the best possible fittings for completing a an elegant bathroom. However, all this investment can come to a naught if the bath fittings and plumbing system are not installed by an expert plumber.

The residents of Seattle need have no such worries as they have Beacon Plumbing at hand to answer all their bathroom plumbing and remodeling requirements. Whether you need to install the plumbing for a new bathroom or require pipe repair and replacement to support a remodeling project, our technicians can handle any plumbing work that you may need.

Bathtub Plumbing by Seattle Plumbing Experts

Relaxing in the bathtub is a great way to wind-up a tiring day. Soaking in the warm water, one can actually feel all the stress of the day seeping out of the body. If you want to enjoy a good bath, it is important that the bathtub plumbing be of high order.

With time, you can have several problems with the bathtub. The tub drain can get clogged with hair build-up and other debris or the faucets can start dripping, leaving unsightly water stains in the tub. The plumbing experts at Beacon Plumbing can take care of all such problems. Just a single call is what it takes for us to be at your place for resolving your bathtub plumbing issues. We conduct thorough inspection and impeccable repairs to restore your use of the bathtub.

Pipe Repair for Flawless Bathroom Remodeling

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, checking out the condition of the existing pipes is most essential. It won’t be much use putting in new fittings, bathtub, sinks, faucets, shower, etc. when the drain pipes they depend on are in bad shape. Therefore, pipe repair to fix all existing and impending pipe damages is the first thing to take care of if you want a bathroom that not only looks great, but is also very efficient.

Beacon Plumbing can help make sure that your bathroom remodeling investment does not go waste. We have been providing bathroom plumbing and remodeling services in Seattle since 1999 and have proved our expertise overall hundreds of successful projects.


Stop Freakin…Call Beacon. We are ready to attend to your bathroom plumbing and remodeling needs at all times of the day. Get in touch with us at (206) 452-3130.

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