Services from the Best Washington Plumbing Company

Different plumbing companies have different services, but what service can you expect from a good plumbing company?

Services by the Best Washington Plumber

Beacon Plumbing has been around since 1999, which means our plumbers have the experience and tools necessary to do a good job. One of the services we offer at Beacon Plumbing is commercial plumbing service. Our commercial plumbing trucks are fully stocked. Some of the plumbing services we offer to office buildings, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial buildings are drain repair and cleaning, water heater installation and repair, remodels, tenant improvements, gas piping, leak detection and emergency leak repair, and preventive maintenance.

Whenever you have a leaking waste pipe, call our team for sewage repair. We provide same-day drain cleaning, sewer pipeline repair, sewer camera inspections, and sewer maintenance. Our team also does sewer pipe repair, trenchless pipe lining, trenchless sewer repair, and sewer alarm installations. Common causes of sewer clogging are tree roots, grease, and egg shell waste.

Rooting Service

Another of our plumbing services is rooting service. Rooting refers to the clogging of sewer lines by tree roots that have burst the pipe and started to grow on the lines. Our team will find the responsible tree, remove the roots, do repairs on the line, and then take measures to ensure that the roots of the tree do not cause a similar problem in the future.

Furnace and Boiler Repair

If your furnace is not working as it should, our team could repair it for you or replace it with a newer furnace. We deal with all types of furnaces, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces as well as hydronic heating systems, gas and oil boilers, and thermostats for our commercial and residential clients. We also do furnace testing and inspections.

We do boiler inspection, repair, and installation (HVAC boilers, electric boilers, gas boilers, commercial steam broilers, and large pulse boilers). Our team does drain cleaning to ensure your toilet and drain is clog-free. We have plumbers who specialize in garbage disposal installation, inspection and repair for commercial and residential clients. Our team is available around the clock and it will reach your property in 90 minutes.

We are insured, bonded, and licensed. For licensing and related information, visit

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