Affordable Drain Cleaning Services for Auburn Residents

Cleaning and opening choked drains may seem like a simple task to you. However, you will realize its gravity if you attempt to do it on your own. Drain cleaning is a job that calls for a particular expertise, specific knowledge and specialized equipment.

Drains can get clogged due to a number of reasons such as root damage, corroded parts of drain pipe and build-up of grease, hair, sludge, etc. Only an experienced professional knows what it takes to clean them. The people of Auburn who need quick, efficient and affordable drain pipe cleaning will find Lee’s Sanitation Service the best option to serve their needs.

We use the advanced video inspection technology to locate the exact source of problem. Then, we decide on the most suitable pipe cleaning methods to make your drainage system functional again.

Rooter Service to Make Drain Pipes in Auburn Functional

Solve your plumbing problems before they take root!

Even as you admire the beautiful trees growing in your yard, the roots of these very trees might be creating problems in your plumbing systems. Tree roots tend to infiltrate the drain pipes that are laid out nearby and start hampering the flow of waste water through them. If undetected, the problem can grow to an alarming ratio and even cause the pipe to crack or break.

If you experience such issues on your property in Auburn, call Lee’s Sanitation Service. We offer professional rooter service, whereby we cut the tree roots and clear them out of your drain pipes. Our prompt and professional response ensures that your problem is solved and you are back to your routine in no time.

Drain Pipe Cleaning Experts Serving Auburn

Periodical cleaning goes a long way in limiting the sludge and grease build-up in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, sink, sewer and floor drains installed on your property. However, in spite of all care, emergencies may still come up in form of choked drains.

Often, people resort to over-the-counter chemical solutions to clear their clogged drain pipes. This does more harm than good over the long run and might cause the pipes to get perforated or broken. It is important to get the job done by a professional.

Whether you need regular drain cleaning or occasional rooter service, Lee’s Sanitation Service is the expert you should go to in Auburn. We have been serving the region since 1950 and have the right skills to fix your drain clogging problems in an error-free and lasting manner.


Call (253) 245-1080 to get schedule our impeccable drain cleaning services.

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