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Becoming a part of online directories is an effective strategy for online marketing. When you get a directory to add URL of your website to its listings, you vastly improve your chances of getting the attention of your online target audience. Anyone searching through the online directory for the products or services that you offer will be presented with your site as one of the relevant results, and through your link provided in the directory, that person can visit your site. Being genuinely interested visitors, there is a higher chance that they will turn into an actual sale.

There is another benefit to adding your URL to web directories. Getting listed in online directories increases the number of good quality back links to your site. This works as an indicator to the search engines that your site is a relevant and useful website and increases the visibility of the site in the judgment of search engines. Search engines, like Yahoo and Google, give higher rankings to the important and useful sites and thus the ‘addurl’ activity acts as an effective search engine optimization technique, improving your site’s search engine ranking.

There are a number of web directories that you can be a part of. While some are paid directories, in the sense that they charge a fee to add a URL to their database, there are several that are free. Such directories recover their expenses by selling advertising space in the directory and therefore are able to offer to add URL for free. Another classification in the types of online directories is that of general and specific directories. The general directory lists a variety of websites irrespective of the subject matter they are related to, whereas the specific directories add URL to their database of only those websites that cater to a particular type of Internet users’ need. For instance, there are business directories, shopping or e-commerce directory, etc…

Business Directory Seattle

If you are looking for a suitable business directory to which you can add a URL, consider Research Giant. It is a reputable Seattle business directory that is preferred by users to search for sites catering to their needs for a variety of commonly used products and services. It is known for accuracy and reliability as it extends ‘addurl’ facility to only genuine businesses and professions. You stand to gain a lot by becoming a part of such a trusted online business directory. Stop wasting your time with other marketing methods-add URL Seattle today!

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