BizX Renton

BizX Renton

BizX is a barter exchange group in the Renton, WA area. Barter exchange is trading your services and products for other services or products that you might want. With BizX you can trade credits when other members purchase your services or goods from you. This exchange is additional business that you would have never received.

Some key benefits with using BizX for business trade throughout Renton include:

  • Keeps cash flow
  • Creates business relationship 
  • Builds professional networks 
  • Markets your business 
  • Helps economy achieve equilibrium 

The benefits of using BizX for your business include marketing your Renton business to thousands of others members of BizX. When you regularly buy and sell with BizX, you gain new customers for your Renton business and improve the cash flow. 

To get in touch with us at BizX for the Renton area, please give us a call at (425) 998-5055. 

Business Trade Seattle, Renton & Bellevue

At BizX, we are a business trade community with thousands of other business owners. Our business trade helps Renton & Seattle and Bellevue area businesses build business relationships. With every BizX dollar that you earn, you can spend it with another BizX member who can be a supplier as well as a customer.

Our business trade will get your Renton business profile marketed to a network of business owners who can buy and sell with one another without spending cash. 

Benefits of doing business trade with BizX include:

  • Renton business is marketed 
  • New customer access
  • You earn BizX dollars (valued at US dollar)
  • Facilitates transaction
  • Business Trade Expert Seattle

To get started with your Renton business trade and join BizX, call us at (425) 998-5055.

Barter Exchange Group Renton, Seattle & Bellevue

BizX is a barter exchange group that provides new sales and higher volumes of business throughout Renton. By utilizing a barter exchange group, your business in Renton can make new revenue from unused inventory or down time. Our modern day barter exchange group allows Renton businesses to find new methods to get the services and the goods they they need and want in an affordable way. 

BizX helps facilitate business trade for members of the barter exchange group. This is done by:

  • Advertising what is available
  • Contacting potential buyers
  • Hosting member trade receptions 
  • BizX Education blog
  • Bringing new business to barter exchange group 

Using a barter exchange group is a vital means of commerce. It can be a great opportunity to market your product and/or services to potential new customers throughout Renton. 

Call us at BizX for a barter exchange group in the Renton area. We can be reached at (425) 998-5055. 

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