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Ormond Beach Alcohol Treatment

Lucida Treatment Center – Mental Health Treatment is the best place to visit for outpatient alcohol treatment in the Ormond Beach, FL area. We offer comprehensive alcohol treatment in a relaxing, supportive environment to help people who want to overcome their addiction and get their life back on track. We also provide California DMV approved DUI classes.

Our Ormond Beach alcohol treatment process is developed and closely monitored by experienced professionals. An outpatient program, our Ormond Beach alcohol treatment strives to rid your body of the toxic substance without any risk to your health. The Ormond Beach alcohol treatment aims to help you stop drinking and understand the issues that may have led to the problem.

Start living healthier and happier by coming to us for:

  • Alcohol counseling
  • Alcohol addiction help
  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • DUI programs
  • Alcohol abuse treatment

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Ormond Beach DUI Classes

We offer Ormond Beach DUI classes for people convicted of a drug or alcohol-related driving offense. The potential penalties for such a misdemeanor in California are not limited to a license suspension, fine or possible jail time. The offending drivers are required to attend classes at a DUI treatment center or DUI school.

We conduct Ormond Beach DUI classes that combine counseling and lectures in groups and one-on-one sessions. The Ormond Beach DUI classes have different durations for offenses of varying nature. Our Ormond Beach DUI classes aim to help the participants understand the ill effects of substance abuse and the legal ramification of drunk driving.

Contact us for:

  • DUI counseling classes
  • DUI treatment program
  • Court-ordered alcohol program
  • DUI program

Call Lucida Treatment Center – Mental Health Treatment for Ormond Beach DUI classes!

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Ormond Beach DUI Treatment Center

Our Ormond Beach DUI treatment center has a duly qualified and experienced staff to conduct the classes or treatment program. We are committed to running the Ormond Beach DUI treatment center with utmost diligence and professionalism to ensure strict compliance with California state laws.

We maintain a comfortable, stress-free environment at our outpatient Ormond Beach DUI treatment center. We want our clients to be relaxed, have positive feelings about being at our Ormond Beach DUI treatment center and be willing to learn from their mistakes. If you have any questions about our Ormond Beach DUI treatment center, please give our team a call today.

Contact us right away if you are searching for:

  • Alcohol rehab center
  • Addiction treatment center
  • DUI outpatient treatment center
  • Alcohol detox center
  • DUI counseling centers

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